Using promotional flyers for online shopping

One type of successful advertising for your online store – flyers. But it is not always cost invested in such advertising, prinosut you more customers. Why is this happening? And what to do about it? There are 5 main reasons for this unpleasant things for you. Let us consider them in all their glory.

1. The uniqueness of your proposal – the key to success.

The main reasons that your flyers do not work – your marketing proposal. Rather, their ordinariness and simplicity. Leaflet, which holds your potential buyer shall include an attractive marketing offer. And it has to be special! Man must see something that offers your online store, it’s really something you need him and stood his attention.

2. Bright design.

Boring and banal design your leaflets also draws the client. That the consumer has paid his attention on it, the leaflet should have an original look. This should be something new and different, something that will show your online store in all its glory. After all, the customer first sees, and then read.

3. Print quality and durability.

Consider another factor. You have ordered several thousand flyers that will be distributed gradually, say within 1 to 2 months. Think about how they will look in a month? Do not fade paint starts to peel off and whether it lubricated? And whether the clients so that’s “beauty.” The fact that hardly anyone would want to use a link to your store, so that’s shown on the flyer, you can not even speak.

4. Where is the spread?

Another important aspect of the ineffectiveness of your flyers – wrong choice of a release. For example, do not hand out flyers advertising the online store of men’s fragrances in the lingerie store. Or advertising as advertising lingerie store in the hardware store. Where often “hang out” female representatives? In beauty salons and cosmetics stores in shopping malls. Here there and send your

5. How many flyers to print?

Another difficult question. How long should I prepare flyers to make them work for you? 100 pieces is clearly not enough. There really are important figures. Tens of thousands of leaflets in the tens of thousands of hands – that’s what works for you and will attract buyers.

If you only think about how to open an online store, offering you read the article “Everything about opening an online store” on the resource By the way, the use of flyers advertising can serve as a good start for the only open shops.

Here are just a small part of the tips that you need to follow when conducting such advertising companies to not spend money for nothing and attract new customers to your online store.