Using promotional flyers for online shopping

One type of successful advertising for your online store – flyers. But it is not always cost invested in such advertising, prinosut you more customers. Why is this happening? And what to do about it? There are 5 main reasons for this unpleasant things for you. Let us consider them in all their glory.

1. The uniqueness of your proposal – the key to success.

The main reasons that your flyers do not work – your marketing proposal. Rather, their ordinariness and simplicity. Leaflet, which holds your potential buyer shall include an attractive marketing offer. And it has to be special! Man must see something that offers your online store, it’s really something you need him and stood his attention.

2. Bright design.

Boring and banal design your leaflets also draws the client. That the consumer has paid his attention on it, the leaflet should have an original look. This should be something new and different, something that will show your online store in all its glory. After all, the customer first sees, and then read.

3. Print quality and durability.

Consider another factor. You have ordered several thousand flyers that will be distributed gradually, say within 1 to 2 months. Think about how they will look in a month? Do not fade paint starts to peel off and whether it lubricated? And whether the clients so that’s “beauty.” The fact that hardly anyone would want to use a link to your store, so that’s shown on the flyer, you can not even speak.

4. Where is the spread?

Another important aspect of the ineffectiveness of your flyers – wrong choice of a release. For example, do not hand out flyers advertising the online store of men’s fragrances in the lingerie store. Or advertising as advertising lingerie store in the hardware store. Where often “hang out” female representatives? In beauty salons and cosmetics stores in shopping malls. Here there and send your

5. How many flyers to print?

Another difficult question. How long should I prepare flyers to make them work for you? 100 pieces is clearly not enough. There really are important figures. Tens of thousands of leaflets in the tens of thousands of hands – that’s what works for you and will attract buyers.

If you only think about how to open an online store, offering you read the article “Everything about opening an online store” on the resource By the way, the use of flyers advertising can serve as a good start for the only open shops.

Here are just a small part of the tips that you need to follow when conducting such advertising companies to not spend money for nothing and attract new customers to your online store.

Ode leaflet (leaflet in election technology)

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“Anyone whose plans are extensive, win the one whose ideas are scarce.”


Leaflet in almost all regions have become a kind of symbol of electoral technologies. As well as commercial advertising is primarily associated with television commercials and campaigning associated with leaflet. It is safe to say that no election can not do without leaflets. In our view flyer deserves a separate discussion. The leaflet is an information channel on which depend the results of advocacy efforts (efficiency of agitation, the cost of the election campaign, and others). The article also discusses the maximum efficiency campaign.

Flyer as a channel of communication

Probably before many question arises: what attracts us is such a thing as a flyer, can a simple piece of A4 paper to provide at least some influence on the results of the election campaign? Perhaps more importantly not to pay much attention to the media message, but on the message itself, its content, the goals and targets of the message (campaign strategy, the image of the candidate, every political technology “chips”)?

Leaflet – one of the carriers campaign messages are usually produced in A4 (A5 less), the text on one side (sometimes on both sides), the other side – empty. Can be single, double or full color. The main method of distribution – “to every mailbox” (or “every door”), rarely handed out leaflets on the streets (like flyers) or used as outdoor advertising (“outdoor advertising”).

PR-dictionary site “new ideology”

“Opaque” channels of communication

The answer lies in the things that almost never speak or discuss. The fact that the implicit absolute transparency of each communication channel. By this is meant that any communications channel accurately without distortion transmits the message content. It is understood that the channel of communication, including the leaflet precisely conveys the meaning of the message. If there is any difficulty with the fact that the addressee (voter) understand the meaning of words of the source (the candidate), then they are not connected with the choice of communication channel.

In our opinion, these views are wrong. Results communication process as a feedback on the voter will depend, inter alia, on the choice of communication channels. I will allow myself a metaphor. Usually mean that the channel of communication as clear as the air in the clear day: he can not see, but through it all can be seen “as is”. We have a different view. Communication channel is rather like a complicated optical system: some objects approaching, some move away, some clearly visible, some opposite – blurred, and some even excluded from the field of view.

Communication channel is rather like a complicated optical system: some objects approaching, some move away, some clearly visible, some opposite – blurred, and some even excluded from the field of view.

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Flyers – weapons of mass destruction

Each of us had seen and was holding a flyer – a popular advertising medium capable of quickly enough to attract the attention of potential clients and bring a good effect, and all this with a small budget. Use of leaflets has no age. They have long been printed to inform, campaigning and advertising without losing relevance due to its cheapness and efficiency. To date, leaflets and flyers indispensable for exhibitions, presentations, scientific conferences and other promotional activities. They can be handed out on the street, to customers in stores and malls, as well as to send the mail.

Printing company “Decor” prints flyers in a wide variety depending on the requirements and wishes of the client. Standard size A4 leaflets considered (210h297mm), but today this printing is made in larger and smaller formats: A5, 1/3 A4, A6, or any other format you wish.

The company “Decor” started its activities in 1993. Today “Decor” is one of the leaders in the market of printing services Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod region. Updated annually park equipment and master new technologies. Our next pride – the new digital printing Xerox 700 Digital Color Press. The first printer with a truly industrial capabilities – exceptional image quality and impressive speed, ie, even more of your cards, even brighter your flyers more quickly any digital printing in the printing company “Decor”. What is one minute? At first glance – a moment. But Xerox 700 Digital Color Press in just 1 minute can print 70 A4 pages, 35 pages of A3, 31 pages format SRA3, impressive?

What should be a flyer or leaflet?

Important in the leaflet – is clear and understandable to the consumer information about the product or service, service, event, special promotion. High-grade and informative leaflet will help to orient the trading floor, find products, do not miss the exhibition, contact the seller interested buyer of the goods. Images and text may be applied as one or both sides. A good flyer is printed on quality paper and contains elements of corporate identity (logo, corporate colors, font design, slogan, etc..). Furthermore, they are printed contact information, images, product images. When the user gets into the hands of such a leaflet, the case will remain for small – call and order.

Leaflet distinguished:

Steps for creating leaflets

The clearest and most precise table of contents should be, that is the essence of (topic) leaflet. It’s better to make a large and clear font. But, as the leaflet read from the large to the small, and not just from the top down, it is not necessary to place the table of contents somewhere on the side.

Next you need to pay attention to the design of leaflets. This can be a picture or logo of your company, but it should be less than the size, or the leaflet will be overloaded.

As for the text of the handbill, it should be concise and understandable to everyone. And most importantly, this text should not contain any particle “no” (for example: “I do not want to smoke more?” “Trust us and we will not deceive you!”).

Now, about the size. The smaller the leaflet, the better. Since little easier to put in your pocket or purse. And do not overload the leaflet large amount of information, just need to highlight the most important thing.

How to hand out leaflets?

Flyers are not all in a row! Need to hand out leaflets to those who want it. Usually seen when a passer he holds out his hand. Otherwise, they will be in the near urn.

Extend the life of the leaflet. Can be repeated, but once you spend on printing flyers, do not take money for its original design, which will help to live longer leaflet. More than ever there will be designers printing company “Decor”, who are willing to develop the original design of your flyers. Can provide life leaflet for a year, if on the other side, for example, to print the calendar. Or provide a leaflet with useful information such as emergency numbers, bus timetables. Or rename a flyer in the invitation card. The leaflet should represent some value to your potential customer.

Entice customers shares on the leaflets. Restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls or stores may offer a discount when purchasing bearer leaflets. Nice seller and the customer is happy. Cheap and cheerful.

Stay focused on the consumer. If you deliver lunches to offices (drinking water, stationery, office equipment), you also need to hand out flyers in offices, rather than poor students at bus stops.

Everyone is welcome to order the production of any leaflets, booklets, flyers, etc., as well as printing design and post-processing of finished products in the printing company “Decor”.

Printing company “Decor”: our printing – only the highest quality, our time – always short, and work with us – the maximum pleasant.